your event

you can't afford to make mistakes. right?

Its 2019. There’s this thing…

The Internet. Interwebs. On the Line. Blah Blah

You know you can talk to each other via the internet (right?)

(You talk to your rellies overseas via Skype or whatevs…right?)

You like watching videos too right? Sometimes you watch recordings of events….like the game you missed or your favourite TV program. You don’t want to miss anything do you?

So…at YOUR EVENT…its no different. You’d want to make sure  that everyone that should be there, could be there…right? After all, not everyone can be there…right? You’d want to make sure people could watch what happened, if they couldn’t be there right? You don’t want to be antisocial do you? Seriously….you’d want to make sure you’ve got your ENTIRE audience covered…right?

Don’t know how?

Had a quote but can’t afford the mortgage needed to pay for the service?

Nervous that if your event is available online, people won’t attend in person?

Luckily its a myth but we understand your fears and share your pain. The reality is that if you don’t use the internet to connect everyone to your event, you’ll end up looking at the wall.  And a big chunk of money missing from your bank account


Let’s face it –its normal to feel nervous the first time you do anything. You need to find a trusted partner who can work with you to help evolve your event. (*wink wink*)

We have a unique solution.

GigTV helps make your events smarter by connecting your attendees to the right content, people and solutions – before, during and after your event. And when events are smarter, attendees & sponsors are happier.

We extend the conversation surrounding your event – anytime, anywhere and on any device. So you just worry about organising your event, and we’ll sort out the rest.

We take care of everything needed to run your events online. We provide all the online tools you’ll use most often. From event registration & abstract management through to event apps and online video – live or on demand, so you can enable your audience to participate anywhere, anytime.

We have fabulous ways to engage and powerful mechanisms to inform, motivate, interact &influence… all with sight and sound!

And if you’re inviting organisations to invest some of their hard earned marketing budget on your event – we help your exhibitors and sponsors reach beyond the event to uncover the best leads — and give them the tools to market to them, meet with them, and walkaway with rich sales contacts.

If that sounds good to you – then contact us to learn about how we can help you reach out & connect with your audience.