NZ Beer Awards 2018

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The Brewers Guild of New Zealand operates as a collective voice for the brewing industry. The Guild’s aim is to reflect the majority view of its members in a transparent manner and to act with vision for the future of the New Zealand brewing industry through education, training and communication.

For the last 5 years, the Guild has streamed the Beer Awards live via the internet to a global audience, in association with our partners Multi-Media Systems 

All aspects of the awards ceremony were streamed to viewers computers and mobile devices, including vision of the event via multiple cameras alongside synced slides. The organisers were able to view accurate report statistics throughout the event, to see how many people were tuned in at any time.

Due to the limited number of seats available at the awards dinner, live streaming enabled people involved in the brewing industry to become part of the event from their preferred location. Some people watched from home whilst others organised their own offsite dinner parties to celebrate the awards whilst watching all the action from the main venue.

After the event, the recording was uploaded for immediate on demand viewing, making it possible for people to view the awards asap after the event.

Click here to view the live broadcast from the Brewers Guild website or watch from the embedded player below


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