HiNZ 2016 (Health Informatics NZ)

Abstract Management, Event App, Event registration, Integration, Live streaming, Webcasting

For the second year running, we worked with HiNZ to pull together all of our event technologies for an event combining four conferences. Technologies included…

  • Event Website
  • Event Registration (with payment gateway)
  • Abstract Management
  • Event Networking & Gaming App
  • Exhibitor Lead Management App
  • Onsite App Helpdesk
  • Secure Live & On Demand Webcasting via member & delegate login
  • Tracking & reporting

Using the Eventsforce platform, HiNZ designed and launched their event website quickly, based on a template used from a previous event. Luckily, the Eventsforce platform remembers people who have registered for previous events so when registrations opened, it was simple and quick for HiNZ members and non-members to sign up. Since there’s a variety of registration options, HiNZ were able to customise the registration process for each category making it unique to each type of registration.

At the same time, HiNZ was able to launch a call for papers, inviting people to submit abstracts for review. The Eventsforce system made it simple and easy for people to upload their abstracts and for reviewers to rank submitters based on various criteria preset before the event. To make matters even easier, once abstracts were accepted, Eventsforce made it really simple for HiNZ to work out which speakers had registered or not, enabling them to send out reminders where necessary.

Integrated with the Eventsforce platform, the Zerista app provided an opportunity for delegates, speakers and exhibitors to see who was coming to the event before the doors were open. Since the data from Eventsforce was passed automatically to the app, it meant all the relevant data was already populated into personal profiles once delegates downloaded the app. In addition,