Fletcher Building Awards

Adaptive Bitrate, Dual Video, Live streaming



In association with Creative Refinery & AV1 – we streamed the 2014 Fletcher Building Awards Gala from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney.

The brief was to enable people from NZ and other parts of the world to tune into the awards ceremony. They wanted to create a sense of “being there” so it was essential to combine all elements of the ceremony into the online experience. We utilised our dual video streaming technology, that enabled us to transmit two full frame video sources simultaneously in a single player. The reason for this was to make sure that video of the MC and presenters could be combined with videos produced by the award finalists – and to make it easy for viewers to select which source they wanted to view.


Fletchers wanted to make sure that nobody was left out – so we provided our adaptive bitrate streaming technology that ensured viewers could see the content no matter where they were located. In addition, they only wanted their employees to view the stream, so we made sure nobody else could get access to it by applying our security protocols to the stream so it couldn’t be copied or redistributed.

Once the event was over, Fletchers wanted the footage to be made available for download so they could share it with their people the following day. We handed over an HD version of the footage for downloading within 4 hours of the event ending. We also handed over a detailed report showing who tuned in, for how long and the most watched segment.

The result?

I would just like to thank yourself and your entire team for making tonight an amazing event. You were all so helpful, professional and we were really impressed with the level of detail.
Again thank you so much and we really hope we get the opportunity to work with you all again.

If you’ve got an awards ceremony coming up, call us to have a chat about what you’re planning and how you could expand your audience.