…record my event for on demand viewing

so people can watch in their pyjamas

Legendary broadcaster & foreign correspondent – George Negus, explains why its so important to record your event

If you want to record your event, we can capture all aspects using any number of cameras.

Our production teams work with you and your preferred AV provider to deliver a high quality recording of your entire event. If you’re planning a program involving concurrent sessions, we can set up recording devices in each room and capture content as its being presented.

For large events, we can work with your preferred video production company, or you can use our team of professionals to deliver an engaging and immersive experience for your online viewers.

All content is edited onsite and uploaded for immediate on demand viewing so you don’t have to wait weeks to share your content.

We can also help you share content via social networks if required.


We provide a full service so you just need to worry about organising your event and we take care of the rest.