…stream my event to a live audience

point to point. one to many. you choose.

You can’t always rely on people being able to attend your event in person so why not offer some flexibility and give them the option to tune into a live stream instead? Let’s face it…you know what its like when your favourite game isn’t being broadcast live….imagine what your fans would say if you didn’t give them the option to tune into what’s happening at your event?

In a world of social media….not streaming your event live could be seen as antisocial…can you afford that reputation?

Live streaming is an essential part of most events but needs to be managed carefully. You can choose from streaming via public sites such as Facebook, YouTube, UStream, Livestream etc or you can stream privately via our fully secure, interactive solution.


We can manage audiences of all sizes – from large public events to small private events. Choose from a range of interactive features such as moderated Q&A, polling, surveys, chat and more.

Need live captioning? No problem….

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