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Polling, surveys, Social Q&A, Session Evaluations, Team Battles

What Can Our Interactive Audience Response System Do?

Social Q&A

No More Wasted Q&A Time

Attendees are able to submit questions in real time through their mobile device.

If an attendee sees a question that they’d like to have addressed they vote for it, and the list of questions is automatically sorted by popularity.

So when it’s time for audience Q&A, the moderator knows what questions the audience has, and which are most important to address.

Only interested in Social Q&A? Check out our new Q&A-focused product, Social Q&A!

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Live Audience Polling for Real-Time Results

Real-Time Results and Presentation Integration

Attendees are able to respond to Poll questions from their mobile device, and view the results of the poll in real time.

No more dealing with setting up clicker equipment, or distributing hardware devices.

Embed polls right within your Windows PowerPoint or Mac Keynote/PowerPoint slides

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Session Evaluations

Hassle-Free Audience Feedback

No more dealing with paper feedback forms or low SurveyMonkey response rates.

With our platform, you can capture attendee evaluations in a digital format and export the data later.

See Session Evaluations in Action

Team Battle

Fun quiz-style game played in real-time with teams of attendees from your audience

How Team Battle Works

  • Create teams and quiz questions with point values
  • Attendees join game and pick their team
  • Launch each quiz question and attendees respond
  • Leaderboard can be projected on stage, updating each team’s score after each round in real-time…

But Wait! There’s More!


Export all of the data from your sessions in a convenient spreadsheet.

Built-In Schedule

Have many sessions during your conference? No problem, we’re set up for that.

Custom Branding

Brand the app with your logo, or generate revenue by selling the brand space to a sponsor!


All your data is securely stored; we won’t share it with anyone else.

Moderation Filter

Turn on the moderation queue and approve submissions before everyone can see them.

Cloud Service

Runs in the cloud — no downloads, nothing to install.